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Have you ever stared in astonishment at the 90-pound girl who eats croissants and ice cream all day long and wondered where all the food goes? Then, coincidentally you hear someone say they wish they had her metabolism. The reason this 90-pound girl can eat unhealthy, high fat food and remain thin is because the faster your metabolism is, the more efficiently your body digests food, absorbs nutrients and burns fat.

Metabolism is the energy in calories we burn during the day. We’re always burning calories, when we walk, play tennis, sitting watching Netflix and when we sleep. If you want to speed up your metabolism and effectively burn more calories at rest, then build muscle. Developing your muscle will increase the calories you burn even at rest because it is speeding up your metabolism. Strength training in the gym with weights and even resistance training such as yoga and Pilates will signal to your body to build muscle. Compared to fat, muscle is more metabolically expensive because in order to keep muscle on your body, muscles require more calories than fat. 

The reason resistance training combined with high intensity training is effective is because it will increase your resting metabolic rate not only during the exercise but after and increases the number of calories you burn while you are watching Netflix or sleeping. 

If you want to boost your metabolism to lose weight, resistance training is the answer. With any diet plan you will achieve weight loss from a calorie deficit, yet to speed up your metabolism and maintain a faster metabolism you want to add resistance training. The best part about strength training is you don’t have to be in an extreme caloric deficit, you can eat the same amount or even more while burning off fat and building muscle. Keep in mind that in order to get the benefits of a faster metabolism through resistance training you will have to eat adequate protein in order to actually build muscle!