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If you’re perpetually striving to learn more and be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday, then consider diving into the world podcasts. But of course, if you fit the bill you probably are already invested. If you’re not, they’re an easy way to learn the best advice from the top experts in their field.

I love feeling productive by listening during ‘dead’ time which includes driving, preparing meals and especially in the gym. My top tip for maximizing time is to listen to podcasts on 2x playback speed. Most of the time it’s still easy to follow along and you cut your time in half!

Check out my top 6 favourite fitness podcasts, with an emphasis on the top 3, and dive right in.

  1. Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Mind Pump is hosted by three experienced and authentic personal trainers. The majority of Mind Pump podcasts are question and answer format which they call Quah’s. Justin Andrews, Adam Schafer and Sal Di Stefano answer fitness questions asked by listeners and cover a wide range of topics from health, exercise, nutrition and mobility for anyone from beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts. Their combined knowledge is based off of decades of personal training experience, so you know you’re in good hands.

As the world’s top fitness, health and entertainment podcast they begin each of the podcasts discussing current events, interesting studies all while cracking jokes. They truly are raw; they live true to being authentic by providing their truthful opinion on controversial fitness and health subjects. They provide practical advice that is easy to implement with a comedic touch to keep you laughing along the way. 

Check it out: Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Three episodes to listen to now:

  1067: The 5 Biggest Lies in Fitness

  The Truth About HIIT, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1027: 3 Steps to Speed up your Metabolism

  1. Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield is a speaker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, ironman triathlete, Spartan racer and New York Times Bestselling author. He has a master’s degree in physiology, biomechanics and human nutrition and is a top expert in his field by combining intense time-in-the-trenches with ancestral wisdom and modern science. He hosts a wide range of guests on his show and his podcast covers everything from health, performance, nutrition, longevity, ancestral living, biohacking and much more to coach listeners on how to have fully optimized minds, bodies and spirits.

His podcasts can be quite technical as he is wildly intelligent, but Ben also offers an entertaining touch as he is witty and down-to-earth.

Check it out: Ben Greenfield Fitness

Three episodes to listen to now:

  404: Why you should eat carbs at night, Ben’s Top Recovery Tactics, Can You Do Cold Therapy If You’re…

  Ben Greenfield’s Top Anti-Aging Tactics: Basic and Ancestral Strategies to Enhance Longevity

  Busting the Myth of Pre and Post Workout Meal: Fasted Exercise and Its Benefits

  1. Muscle Intelligence

Muscle intelligence is hosted by previous professional bodybuilder, peak performance and mindset coach Ben Pakulski. He is an expert on building muscle, losing fat and upgrading the body and mind. He hosts experts in their field and covers health optimization, strength and muscle hypertrophy. Despite the name his podcast isn’t just about building muscle. He’s not your typical ex-bodybuilder, he refers to himself as the bodybuilding yogi. After winning Mr. Olympia he realized he was unfulfilled, so he turned the journey inward by discovering yoga and ever since has been focused on integrating body and mind.

He promotes being completely present and conscious in everything you do to maximize focus and output. If you listen enough, you’ll hear his empowering belief of “if you can’t, you must.” Overall, he covers all things fitness, mindset and offers advice and strategies on promoting upgraded consciousness and optimum life performance.

Check it out: Muscle Intelligence

Three episodes to listen to now:

  031 – Creating the Champions Mindset with Dr. Jeff Spencer

  Q&A: Want to Lose Fat and Build Muscle? Manage Your Stress First

  Understand how your brain works: a discussion with Stanford neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman

Other fitness podcasts to check out:
  1. Muscle for Life Fitness Mike Matthews
  2. The Jordan Syatt Mini Podcast
  3. Joe DeFrancos Industrial Strength Show