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There’s something about fall that I absolutely love. Growing up it was almost the start of a new year with school (also maybe because my birthday is at the end of August, so it quite literally feels like a new year to me). It must be a mix of the colourful leaves, the cozy knit sweaters and the wool socks. It’s also a time of such fun holidays. Thanksgiving fills you and your family with gratitude and love (and great food!) and Halloween is such a fun holiday. 

Decorating for fall may not be as fun as Christmas, but it gets me excited about a new start. That’s why I wanted to share with you my inexpensive and oh-so cute Pumpkin Makeover project. 

Filling your home with seasonal décor makes everybody happy, but there’s just other things I’d rather spend my money on than west elm décor, especially when you only have it out for a month and a half.

DIY Pumpkin Makeover

This DIY pumpkin makeover is easy, inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of time.

I got my pumpkins at Walmart. While the size of the pumpkins were cute, I’m more of a plain person – I like my whites, greys and blacks. So when I saw the bright orange I knew I had to fix it. White décor is just so sharp, the orange pumpkins can stay outside. 

Here are the pumpkins I brought home. I didn’t change the big yellow/cream one because I wanted some variety.

Spraying the pumpkins doesn’t take much time. I sprayed two layers in one go and then waited overnight to let them properly dry before spraying the final layer. I also wrapped a part of a plastic grocery bag over the stems, so they retained their brown colour.

What You’ll Need:

I got my rust-oleum spray from home depot, you can also find them at Walmart, or if you prefer to stay in the comfort of your own home you can order them online! I got the Linen White Ultra Matte for $11.97. 

Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint, Linen White/White

If you prefer more of a cream off white you can get this one too. I personally wanted a variety of white and yellow-cream pumpkins (like the big one I didn’t paint), but if you want them to all be the same colour then you could just get the Chiffon Cream/Off White paint below.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint Chiffon Cream/Off White

I got four pumpkins in total, three small ones for $3.98 each and the large one was $7.98. in total the pumpkins cost $19.92.

For this project I already had a wood ‘platter’ but these are two good options if you don’t have one! This one is more plain, Wood Platter and this one is a thinner cut Wood Platter

I also already had twine string which I think is a must have in your home regardless. It can be really pretty for gifts and so many arts and crafts. 

Potential Candle Jars: 

Potential Candle Stands:

Other Fall Candles: