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When It comes to the storage and application of perfume, everybody has their own way. Some people see movie stars doing one or another thing and end up adopting perfume etiquette that may not be serving their best interests. Check out these tips and tricks to see where you line up.  

How to Apply

When you’re spraying perfume onto your wrists or neck spritz directly, don’t walk into a cloud of perfume because you will waste fragrance and don’t aggressively rub your wrists together because the scent won’t last as long.  

Before you spritz, apply lotion on your skin because with lotion, the area becomes oilier which makes the scent last longer. 

Spritz perfume directly after showering – the moisture on your skin will hold scent longer.

Target your skin’s pulse points, the areas that help diffuse scent along your whole body. Pulse points include your neck, wrists, inside of your elbows (closest to your torso), backside of your knees. You can even spritz perfume on top of your ears, because this area of your skin is quite oily and it holds scent better.  

Make your scent last by spritzing it on your clothes because the fibre holds onto it longer than skin, and you can even spritz fragrance on your hairbrush, so your hair is full of scent. 

How to Store

Don’t store perfume in your bathroom as heat and humidity will break down the quality of the fragrance. A better place to store your perfume is in your bedroom on your dresser where it will be cooler with less humidity and preferably out of direct sunlight.