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Getting your beauty sleep is a major priority, we all benefit from getting high quality z’s. Sleep deprivation causes us to feel mentally and physically worse, and mirror mirror on the wall isn’t exactly telling us we look our best either. Other people we encounter can perceive when we’ve fallen short on adequate sleep, and not in a good way. Sleep deprivation makes us look older, less healthy and reduces our attractiveness. 

Taking ownership over our sleep quality is the first step, yet, there are also silk pillowcases which are marketed to solve your beauty woe’s. But is all the hype true? 

The Benefits of Silk Pillowcases 

Pillowcases made of silk are marketed to prevent wrinkles and breakouts, however there is not yet scientific evidence proving this to be the case. If you habitually sleep on one side, it is more likely you will develop wrinkles on that side. To prevent this, sleep on your back and avoid putting pressure on the sides of your face. Keep in mind that regardless of how hard we try, it is inevitable that we will succumb to some wrinkles as a direct cause of sleep which will have adverse effects on how aged we appear.  

Draws Less Moisture from your Skin & Hair

Before writing off silk completely, silk does provide some benefits when it comes to beauty and skin health. In comparison to your run of the mill cotton, silk is superior because it will draw less moisture from your skin and your hair. Moisture is important when it comes to healthy, youthful looking skin. 

Prevents Hair Breakage & Split Ends

Since cotton can draw in moisture from your hair and face, it not only increases the likelihood of drying out and irritating your skin, cotton pillowcases also will promote dry and damaged hair. Silk again shows its superiority to cotton because silk reduces friction between your skin and hair and so it causes less breakage and split ends. 

Improves Eczema & Allergies 

Interestingly, silk pillowcases and sheets can even benefit those with eczema. Dust mites are a common cause of eczema and in comparison, to cotton, silk does not attract dust mites. The likelihood of being in contact with dust mites from your pillowcases or sheets is significantly reduced with silk. In addition to reducing eczema from dust mites, sleeping on silk pillowcases and sheets may reduce coughing, sneezing and other allergy symptoms from dust mites. Similarly, silk is a hypoallergenic fabric, which, in comparison to the very allergenic cotton may cause much less watery eyes, redness and congestion. 

The bottom line on whether or not you should invest in a silk pillowcase is dependent on your preferences. If you have eczema or allergies, silk may benefit your reactions. If you want to retain the serums and moisturizers you so diligently place on your face before bed and if you want smooth, silky hair and reduce dry, damaged split ends then silk pillowcases could benefit your nourished skin and luscious locks. 

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